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Locked yourself out of your house? broke your key or lost it? Locksmith Ruud offers help less than 30 minutes from taking your call. Your door will be openend fast, for a low price and without damaging it.

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07.00 - 21.00 - 60 euro
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We offer services in the following regions:

Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Badhoevedorp, Diemen, Duivendrecht, Landsmeer, Abcoude, Muiden, Weesp, Ouderkerk a/d Amstel, Vinkeveen, Halfweg, Hoofddorp, Haarlem and Zaandam.  

Locked out of your home

It will probably happen to everyone once: You're in a hurry, leave your home, close the door and realize to late that you forgot the key. If you have a spare key somewhere the problem is usualy easily solved.

However, did you leave the forgotten key in the lock, on the inside, then most of the (Dutch) locks don't work on the outside anymore. The spare key will go in but can not be turned. Don't try using force! The only thing you can achieve with that is either breaking your key or damaging the lock. It's best to call a locksmith then.

Locksmith Ruud can help you out. In most cases we can open your door without damaging the lock. You can then still use the same key.  

Replace locks

Locksmith Ruud also replaces and repairs locks. The locks we provide have (unless not applicable) the SKG quality mark and are always offered for the lowest possible price. You'll never overpay.

If you want to change your locks but want to know the costs first, just call us. You can also use our contact form...

locksmith Security tips

Ninety percent of all burglaries are either committed in poorly secured homes (unsafe hinges and locks) or are due to negligence.

So it's important to have good quality hinges and locks on your doors and windows. It's just as important however to always follow a couple of simple precautionary measures:

  • Always double Lock your doors and windows when you go out, also if it's only for a short time. Burglars can often open unlocked doors or windows in less than a minute.

  • For the same reasons as above: double lock your doors en window when you go to bed. Knowing you're home doesn't always stop burglars from doing their thing.

  • Do not hide keys outside. Obvious hiding places like the doormath, a flowerpot or your mailbox are easily found.

  • Don't leave valuable items like laptops, camera's and phones in sight when you are not at home. Burglars will be extra motivated to get in.     

Core pulling


Since a couple of years core pulling of cilinders has become a very popular burglary method in the Netherlands. The core pulling technique makes it possible for burglars to open a door within a minute and without making much noise.

Fortunately there are ways to protect yourself against this.
You can either:

  • Replace your current cilinder with a core and snap protected version, or/and

  • Replace your ordinary security fitting with a core protected security version. 

Advantage of the latter is that it is immediately recognizable for burglars. They will problably not even try.

Core and snap protected cilinders on the other hand are not always easily identified as such. Burglars usualy only find out when trying (in vain). They will not get in but your cilinder will be damaged.

Although core and snap protected cilinders offer great protection, the downside (in case of a failed burglary attempt) is that you will need a locksmith to open your door (and an expensive new cilinder and problably also new security fitting).

You can of course also choose to take both.

If you have any questions just call us or use our contactform...